COST A36, Tributary Empires Compared

Science and other Knowledges in Tributary Empires

St Andrews, 30th March – 1st April 2007


Friday 30th March

Session 1 (Arts Faculty Lecture Theatre)
This session will be open, the remainder will be closed.

14.30-15.00 Registration (Swallowgate)

15.00 Greg Woolf (St Andrews),
Science and Empire. Opening Remarks

15.45 Giovanni Salmeri (Pisa),
Ordering the world through languages in the Roman Empire: the work of Posidonius and Strabo

16.30 Peter Pormann (Warwick),
Patronage and Public Health in the Abbasid Empire

17.15 General Discussion

RECEPTION (The Class Library, Swallowgate)

Saturday 31st March (Swallowgate 11)

Session 2

10.00 Ben Elman (Princeton),
Pre-modern science in imperial China

10.45 Jason König (St Andrews),
Science and empire in the Roman world

11.30 COFFEE

12.00 Andre Wink (Madison),
Scholarship and Knowledge at the Mughal Court

13.00 LUNCH

Session 3

14.00 Kim Wagner (Cambridge),
Crime between Empires - Indian and British knowledge of banditry

14.45 Peter Bang (Copenhagen),
"A turbot fit for your age only" - collecting an imperial paradise

15.30 TEA

16.00 General Discussion

Sunday 1st April

Session 4

10.00 Kai Brodersen (Mannheim),
Geographical knowledge and imperialism in the ancient world

Adam Ziolkowski (Warsaw),
The Imperials and the Barbarian World: what they knew and how

11.30 COFFEE

12.00 General  Discussion

13.00 LUNCH

14.00 Management Committee Meeting (Swallowgate 11)