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COST A36, Tributary Empires Compared

Royal Courts and Capitals,  14-16 October 2005
Sabanci University, Istanbul



Friday Morning
Opening Metin Kunt / Jeroen Duindam 9.00-10.00
Session I 10.30-12.00 Variants of Dynastic Power

  • Metin Kunt (Sabanci)  “How to become a sultan”
  • Walter Scheidel (Stanford/Graz)  “Towards a comparative study of monarchical succession and dynastic stability”
  • Robert Frost (Aberdeen)  “Court, power and ritual in Poland-Lithuania under the Vasa dynasty, 1587-1668”

Friday working lunch, Management Committee, COST A36 Action: Tributary Empires

Friday afternoon
Session II 13.30-15.30  Households and Bureaucracies: ‘state’ and ‘court’

  • Andrew Wallace-Hadrill  “The Roman imperial court: seen and unseen in the performance of power”
  • Peter Bang (Copenhagen)  “Court and State in the Roman World”
  • Hugh Kennedy (St Andrews) “Women and power in the early Abbasi court”

 Session II 16.00-17.30  Households and Bureaucracies: ‘state’ and ‘court’

Jeroen Duindam (Utrecht)  “Households and state bureaucracies: status, influence, and decision-making in Vienna and Versailles"

  • Toby Osborne (Durham)  “A shadow of a prince: diplomats embodying princes in early modern court ceremonial”


Saturday morning
Session III 9.00-12.30  Household Organization: Structures and Practices

  • Mia Rodriguez Salgado (LSEP)  “Microcosm of empire or Castilian enclave? The court of Philip II of Spain”
  • Maria-Antonietta Visceglia (Rome)  “The Pope's Household (XIV- XVII centuries) (court personnel)”
  • Tülay Artan (Sabanci) “The grandvizier's 'new' household on parade : refashioning bureaucracy at the 1720 Circumcision Festival ?”
  • Paul Magdalino (St Andrews/Koc) “Court and Capital in Byzantium”


Saturday afternoon 

Session IV 13.30-15.30  Courts as Meeting Places and Centres of Elite Integration

  • Rosamond McKitterick  (Newnham Cambridge) “The itinerant Frankish royal court in the reign of Charlemagne”
  • Janos Bak “Court and courtiers in the medieval kingdom of Hungary”
  • Jonathan Shepard (Oxford) “Young Barbarians at Court”

Session V 16.00-17.30  Courts as Conspicuous Centres: Legitimation and Display, I

  • Ebba Koch (Vienna) “Court Ceremonial and architecture as statements of Mughal rulership
  • Michael Rogers (London)  “Ottoman Regalia”



Sunday morning
Session VI  9.00-10.30 Courts as Conspicuous Centres: Legitimation and Display, II

  • Ä°senbike Togan (METU-Ankara) “Tang court (7th   c.) assigns a place to history and historians”
  • Amira Bennison (Cambridge)  “The Qur'an of 'Uthman: The transformation of Cordoban Umayyad Ceremonial at the Almohad court in Marrakesh?”

Session VII  11.00-13.00 General Evaluation & Discussion

  • Peter Burke (Cambridge)
  • Greg Woolf (St Andrews) 
  • Philip Mansel (Society for Court Studies, London)

Sunday afternoon

Meeting, Management Committee, COST A36 Action

Palace and museum visits for non-members