Agenda m.c. meeting Copenhagen 2005 – University of Copenhagen

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COST A36: Tributary Empires Compared

Management Committee meeting,
Copenhagen 19 June, 14.00-17.00


1. Welcome.
2. Report from the Science Officer, including information on Scientific Short Term Missions.
3. Presentation of the minutes of first meeting and confirmation of decisions made at the kick-off meeting in Brussels, 18 April.
4. Organization of the work of the management committee. Do we need a steering group to support the chair?
5. Evaluation of the working group meeting in Copenhagen.
6. Working Group 2: Presentation of programme for Istanbul meeting, 15-16 October, budget etc.
7. Planning of meetings next year.
8. Next years budget.
9. Publications and web-site news.
10. Place and date of next meeting
11. Miscellaneous
12. Closing.

Peter Bang
Acting Chair