Agenda m.c. meeting Rome 2009 – University of Copenhagen

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Action no: A36, Tributary Empires Compared

MC meeting no: 9 (final meeting)

Date and time: 26 April, 16:10

Meeting place and address: Accademia di Danimarca, Via Omero, Roma


Chair: Peter Fibiger Bang

1.  Welcome to participants; taking of minutes
2.  Adoption of agenda
3.  Minutes of last meeting
4.  Report from the Science Officer
        •   information about evaluation procedure
5.  Final report
6.  STSMs, training school
7.  Evaluation of final meeting
8.  Publications, progress
9. Website news
10. The future
        - Dissemination plan
        - New projects
11. The end: thank you for some inspiring and fruitful years!